Our Process

Some advisors apply a one-size-fits-all approach to managing the planning process, developing a standard plan or program for all clients. We know that each privately-held and family owned business is highly unique, deserving of a plan that is customized for their specific set of facts and circumstances. Our methodology helps business owners carefully align their personal values, business goals, resources and wealth management goals in a unique systematic process that helps them achieve the exit or transition they desire. As part of the Exit Planning process, we may deliver:

  • A comprehensive Business Owner Exit Plan Road Map
  • A personal Financial Plan for each shareholder

These plans may define the business and personal financial objectives, and our recommendations for achieving those objectives based on age, time horizon for exit, tax situation, tolerance for risk and each client's individual preferences and circumstances.

We provide individual attention to each business owner we work with. Post-planning, we help clients execute all action items necessary for completion of their plan—from development to eventual sale or transfer of the business. By staying engaged we make sure that our clients are always on the optimal path for reaching their objectives.