Business Owners Objectives

We begin with the end in mind. Exit Planning is the comprehensive approach to designing an exit strategy from a business. It encompasses setting exit objectives, pulling together a team of trusted advisors (CPA, attorney, financial advisor, investment banker, commercial banker, etc.), and determining an actionable plan—what steps may be taken, when, and why. So, let's define the end. If you can't answer the following questions, let us help you.

  1. When do you as a business owner want to leave?
  2. To whom may you leave or sell your business too?
  3. What is the most tax-effective methodology to use at the time of sale?
  4. What is the business worth in cash today?
  5. What do you think it is worth?
  6. What are your exact retirement goals and what it may take in after-tax cash to attain them?
  7. What steps do you need to take to protect, preserve and increase the value of your business in preparation for an eventual sale or transition of control?
  8. What are the most effective ways to transfer a business to a key employee, family member or co-owner to maximize the financial reward of your life's work?
  9. Is there an integrated estate plan in place that is coordinated with business ownership and eventual exit?
  10. What is the coordinated business continuity plan in effect for the business in the event of your death or disability?