Privately-Held Businesses


As a business entrepreneur you know the struggles involved in the day to day running of a business. Add to that the time spent on planning for growth and success often results in exit planning not getting the attention it deserves. You intuitively know that a planned exit from your business can result in achieving your goals; you just donít have the time to adequately plan.

Over the years we have met many business owners who were ready to exit their businesses with no one with cash ready to buy them out. These owners were not prepared to sell their businesses and discovered they were not able to accomplish their goals. It was simply too late.

Your exit from your business should be determined by you, not by circumstance. Exit Planning helps to create the infrastructure for effective value-enhancing transfer of control and ownership.

The "What Ifs" for a privately held business owner:

  1. What if I don't want to do this anymore? What happens next?
  2. What if something happens to meóif I die too soon or become disabled?
  3. What if my key employee leaves?
  4. What if cash flow doesn't improve and I can't pull from the business my financial requirements to support my lifestyle?
  5. What if I can't get the multiples for my business that I want and need from the sale of the business?